15 Funny St. Patrick’s Day Shirts You Should Try Out in 2023

February 07, 2023

Drink Like A Champion T-Shirt

It’s almost weird to say you don’t know what St Patrick's Day means or why you needSt. Patrick's Day shirts. If you’ve lived in the United States continuously for a full-year straight, you must have heard about the famous Green Day, also casually called St Paddy’s day or Green Day. All of these refer to March 17th, when Irish and US citizens celebrate the feast of St Patrick’s in honor of his life and role in bringing Christianity to the Irish… Psych! St Paddy’s day is the day of the leprechaun, a day to wear green, grin from chin to chin, and share a beer with your kin. (How’s that for rhyming?).

St Patty’s Day Facts…

Here are a few actual facts about St Patrick's Day.

  • St Patrick was British but was enslaved in Ireland. Upon his freedom, he returned to Ireland to preach the gospel.
  • According to legend, St Patrick drove all the snakes away from the island. Of course, there are scientific theories that explain the absence of snakes in the land, and it’s something to do with the vegetation.
  • St Patrick's Day was originally a solemn feast in which Catholics took a break from the Lenten fast to eat meat. But hail the US. It’s now a day for many other things.
  • Many symbolic items originated from the Irish, such as the Shamrock and the three-leaf clover. St Paddy used it to teach about the trinity (God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit). Another is Lucky the Leprechaun, the famous mascot for the Lucky Cereal franchise.

Oh well, we’re not here to rehash history and facts. We can tell you’re ready to rock the day. Whether you’re looking for short sleeves or long-sleeved Green Day tees, we’ve got you covered. Check out these 15 funny St Patrick's Day shirts, or green ones as we call them.

1. Go Home Snakes

day t-shirt + long sleeve + st patrick's day shirt

We can imagine an animated movie of the life of St Paddy with a scene where he spreads his hands and shouts, “Away with you, snaky snakes! Go home now”. Okay, it’s too early for drunken jokes, but grab a green Go Home Snakes tee or for your drinking buds. Best part? You can have this in green!

2. Drink Like A Champion Today

patrick's day t-shirt + day Irish + graphic tee + lucky clover + patty's lucky day lucky


St Patrick's Day is here to the rescue if you’ve been looking for an excuse to get wasted. The mandate is clear: drink like a champion and spare no shot. We won't be held responsible if you can’t hold your liquor. So, grab this funny t-shirt for you and your pals. There’s something for everyone. It’s a great way to channel your inner Irishman, even if you don’t want to drink. Want to look like you’re drinking when you’re not? Get apple juice and pour in some green coloring. It’ll smell like beer, and no one will know. Now, who’s the real champion? You’re welcome!

3. Surprise, I’m drunk

men's st + long sleeve shirt + leaf clover shirt + saint patricks day + saint patrick's day tshirt

Have your friends tried getting you to down a glass for ages? Well, this would undoubtedly make their day green. How about you grab this shirt and decide to get drunk just this once? It’s got to be on your bucket list somewhere. Of course, you must ensure you have your phone powered to call an Uber. Why? Because you’ll show up at the spot, wherever that is, drunk… or at least really tipsy. This shirt can also work if you’re already a champion and want to be sarcastic. So, how about it?

4. Whiskey - The Breakfast of Champions

Patricks day shamrock clover + funny Irish clover + day clothing + lucky shamrock + tee shirt

This one is not for the faint-hearted. In fact, this shirt should be categorized as Irish clothing, especially if you’re wearing it with a shot of whiskey in your hand on D-Day. The average Irish person starts their day with a drink and ends it with one. Make no mistake about it; it’s not cheap beer or any diluted cocktail. So if you’ve tested and proven your mettle or plan to do so, get this Irish t-shirt. Happy St Patrick's, champ!

5. I Drink And I Know Things

patricks day shirts + green shamrock + dabbing leprechaun t-shirt + Irish st + Irish flag

Is it true that we all have that one friend who drinks and begins to spew incredibly intelligent stuff or the most idiotic nonsense imaginable? Lol. They’re always at either extreme, but somehow, they know things. Well, here’s a drinking t-shirt for them. Funny enough, this friend might be the sarcastic one in the group or the one that spots a joke in the most random things ever. Drinking indeed sharpens their wit and senses. Cheers to this person, and grab this St Patricks Day shirt for them in the spirit of foolery and freedom.

6. I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings

day drinking + day tshirt + day drinking + shirt st + st pattys day + Irish shamrock t-shirt

Are you a bartender or someone who just happens to know how to shake up a mean glass of martini? This cute St Patty's day shirt is calling out to you. The inscription is for anyone who has ever said they have mixed feelings about drinks. Lol. Throw this on and channel your inner leprechaun. Let them see the magic you can create behind the counter. After all, different drinks can incite different feelings, no?

7. Call Me Old Fashioned

patricks day women's st + patricks day tee + shamrock st patrick's + funny st patricks day men + Patrick day funny

Hey mums, dads, and non-drinking folk. There’s something for you too. Want to uphold the solemnity of old associated with Patty’s day? Well, do that unashamedly. Get this men’s tee with a bold Call Me Old Fashioned inscribed. Wear it proudly that day. Not everyone has to run about puking their guts out or reeking of whiskey. Who would tuck the kids in? Hey, we’re on your side too. So, cheers and enjoy your celebrations!

8. Wish You Were Beer

lucky t-shirt + flag st + tie dye + rainbow st + patricks day Irish drinking team + shamrock st patricks day shirts for adults

We can think of two ways to twist this into something cute to tell your partner. The caveat is that they must have a killer sense of humor and be quick at spotting naughty or romantic jokes. So, your partner can’t come with you to the parades or wherever for some reason. Since you’re a beer lover, and you almost have one everywhere you go, you wish they were beer. Get it? They can be with you always. The second joke is naughty (wink). Wish you were beer or bare? Did someone turn up the heat? Oh well, ignore our jokes and get this shirt in the spirit of festivity.

9. Whiskey Business

happy st patricks + sleeve tee + clover Irish + lucky shirt + shamrock Irish

Some people take life too seriously. And it’s visible in everything they do. So, if you ain’t here to joke, grab this shirt, lucky mama. Yes, you! Lucky, the leprechaun is asking you to get serious about drinking just for one day. Who knows, your spirited alter ego might show up, and you’ll have a full day of laxity. Whew! Wouldn’t that be swell? No judgments at all. We all could do well with some seriousness in life. Cheers!

10. Beer

Beer T-Shirt

We love the simplicity of this shirt. It’s so straight to the point. Like… Anyone wearing this can just walk into an Irish pub or any pub, and they automatically assume that’s your order—way to go. Anyone can have this, male or female. It’s unisex. Get this tee, and we’ll consider buying you a beer. How about that?

11. Whiskey May Not Be The Answer, But It’s Worth A Shot

Whiskey T-Shirt

It’s as though St Paddy’s day is only about drinking, but that’s not the case. However, in this case, whiskey is for the win. This shirt is for those who want to give their problems a shot or two… (wink). Yes, drinking won't solve the problem, but how about trying? Or just being merry. Let the sarcasm flow. We love witty people like you looking to get your hands on this. Go right on.

12. Alcohol You Later

Alcohol T-Shirt

I’m sorry, did you mean to say, “I’ll call you later?” We have a hard time figuring this out, and that’s the point. Score this to depict the wonders of a good bottle of alcohol. Whether you’re insinuating that you’ll call someone later or owe ‘em a bottle, that's for them to figure out. Smart one.

13. Irish Yoga

Irish Yoga T-Shirt

We saw memes of this, and it got us really cracked up! Who needs to “Ommm” when a few glasses of the right spirit will have you sprawling and spreading in the funniest yoga poses? It’s called Irish Yoga for a reason. You have to ascend and get high to achieve any of the poses. Best part? Your pose can be unique to you! Lol. Grab this for your drinking team, and have a wasteful night.

14. Never Skip Keg Day

Never Skip Keg Day T-Shirt

It’s safe to assume that March 17th has been dubbed the unofficial keg day, yes? Well, be the friendly neighbor who walks around all day reminding everyone who, surprisingly, may have forgotten or not had the chance to grab a drink. Think you’re vigilante material? Get this, then. Spice things up by wearing it to the gym. Bonus points if it coincides with leg day.

15. Drink Beer & Be Nice

st paddys + day graphic + gold shamrock

In simpler terms, loosen up, man. Will you be stuck at work on St. Paddy's day? Well, tell your colleagues to drink beer and be nice with this t-shirt, except your job requires you to wear a uniform or corporate attire. Take it up a notch and buy a beer for someone.

There you have it—some funny St. Patrick's Day shirts for your amusement. The great thing is thatthere's something for everyone. There’s even much more from where these come from. And as you plan to guzzle down tons of spirit or hold someone’s hair up after they've had too much, keep the cheer up with these green shirts. Paint the town green, huh? Happy celebrations.


St. Patricks Day T-Shirts

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