13 Awesome Horror Shirts for your Collection

September 12, 2022

Amityville Bed and Breakfast T-Shirt

The spookiest days of the year are coming up... and it's a horror movie fan's favorite time to dress for the occasion. Pull out your box full of creepy t-shirts, or better yet, start shopping for some new ones so you can make sure everyone knows your exquisite taste in movies. 

Overlook Hotel Shirt

Overlook Hotel T-Shirt

There was no other way to start this list than with the infamous Overlook Hotel. The fact that it inspired one of the most iconic horror movies of all time should be enough for it to deserve its own merch. Wear your fandom of The Shining on your chest, with ourOverlook Hotel t-shirt.

Buffalo Bill's Rubbing Lotion Shirt

Buffalo Bill's Rubbing Lotion T-Shirt

Buffalo Bill has got to be one of the most chilling villains in history, so an homage to him was absolutely necessary. We're not going to get into the details of what the infamous rubbing lotion was for, and if you don't know yet... maybe don't google it. Silence of the Lambs fandom, here's your new favorite t-shirt.

Amityville Bed and Breakfast Shirt

Amityville Bed and Breakfast T-Shirt

Moving into the paranormal realm, Amityville is probably at the top of many people's "places not to visit" lists. However, if you're drawn to the world of the dead, you might not only want to go check out the famous house but also wear an image of it on your t-shirt. Check out our Amityville B&B t-shirt here.

Camp Crystal Lake Shirt

Camp Crystal Lake T-Shirt

Yet another place one would want to avoid visiting. Camp Crystal Lake will forever be remembered as the absolute worst place to spend your summer if you're a camp counselor. However, Friday the 13th is one of those all-time classic horror movies that just doesn't get old. You can find our Camp Crystal Lake Counselor t-shirt here, and who knows? It might make a good Halloween costume too.


Losers Club Shirt


Ahhh, nothing like a subtle reference to one of the scariest movies ever. IT fans, this t-shirt was made special for you.

Overlook Hotel Carpet Shirt

Overlook Hotel Carpet Shirt

If you're not the literal type and prefer a more visual reference to your favorite horror movie - we've got the perfect t-shirt for you. Our Overlook Hotel Carpet t-shirt captures the design of that unforgettable carpet, and you know whoever gets the reference will be a die-hard Shining fan.

Rabbit in Red Lounge Shirt

Rabbit in Red Lounge T-Shirt

No better movie to watch on Halloween than Halloween, am I right? The Rabbit in Red Lounge is a staple reference for this iconic movie, so of course, it had to be included in this list. Find our Rabbit in Red Lounge t-shirt here.

Black Phillip's Taste of Butter Shirt

Black Phillip's Taste of Butter T-Shirt

Now to get into the really dark and satanic side of things, VVitch is an indie-fan favorite. There's no forgetting Black Phillip's famous phrase. Wouldst thou like to buy aBlack Phillip t-shirt?

S-Mart Boomstick Shirt

S-Mart Boomstick T-Shirt

On a slightly happier note - although "happy" probably isn't the best choice of word - we have a t-shirt for the Evil Dead fans: your own S-mart Boomstick t-shirt!

Restaurant Dorsia Shirt

Restaurant Dorsia T-Shirt

Now we know that you can only get into Dorsia if you have a reservation, but you don't need to worry - our Restaurant Dorsia t-shirts are available today, no reservation needed!

Outpost 31 Shirt

Outpost 31 Shirt T-Shirt

There is no such thing as a list of anything horror movie-related that doesn’t include a reference to the 1982 classic: The Thing.This Outpost 31 t-shirt is for those vintage horror fans that want to keep it old school. 

Horror Movie Addict Shirt

Horror Movie Addict T-Shirt

We've also got an option for those of you who just can't pick a favorite horror movie because they are literally all you watch. Find ourHorror Movie Addict t-shirt here. 

Obsessed With True Crime Shirt

Obsessed With True Crime T-Shirt
Finally, this one’s for the people who just cannot stop listening to true crime podcasts on Spotify. We don’t know what’s up with your obsession with absolute freaks and their creepy stories either, but no judgment here! You can get yourObsessed with True Crime t-shirt here.



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