12 Funny Bachelor Party Shirts for the Perfect Send-Off

April 11, 2023

Wingman T-Shirt

The bachelor party marks the end of the groom's single status.

The best man typically has the honor of organizing the bachelor party. The mission is to have a grand ol’ time with the man of the hour before heties the knot with his bride in their wedding ceremony.

Throw a memorable bachelor party for the squad with fun, action-packed activities and wacky wedding party shirts! Check out our collection of funnybachelor party shirts that are perfect for the whole crew.

12 Funny Bachelor Party Shirts for the Ultimate Wedding Celebration

The plans are in place, and the guest list is finalized… But something is still missing. You need a little morepizzazz to really get the party going.

You’ve come to the right place because we have just what you need. Our silly bachelor party shirts serve as cool party favorsand a great reminder of the awesome time you’ll have. And what better way to set the right mood for your bachelor party than by having everyone sport matching tees?

Take your pick from these options and make the groom’s party a night to remember for the whole squad!

“Groom” Classic Fit T-Shirt

Groom T-Shirt

First thing first, give the guest of honor his very own t-shirt that will remind him of his inner maverick. This versatile tee is suitable attire for any bachelor party, on the groom’s last night… And even on the big day!

Considering the kind of bachelor party you’re throwing out for him, it’s probably best to bring another shirt for him to change into—just in case. Out of all the graphic tees inthis collection, the one that says, “Engaged AF” should do it.

“Team Groom” Matching T-Shirts

Team Groom T-Shirt

If women have theirTeam Bride tees, then men should definitely have theirTeam Groom shirts, too. They’re the perfect groomsmen shirts for the whole crew to wear.

And since the groom is dressing for the occasion, theBachelor Party Crew should too!

“Kidnapping The Groom” Party Shirts

Kidnapping the Groom T-Shirt

Taking the groom away for a weekend trip? This shirt will tell his bride everything she needs to know. This printed design comes in the color black to add some mystery to your bachelor weekend plans. But if you’re intofun colors, add those to your cart instead!

“I Regret Nothing” Hoodies

I Regret Nothing Hoodie

Don’t blame anyone for what you do when you spend a night in Vegas. Nonetheless, if you or any of the guys end up having to make the dreaded walk of shame the morning after, this long-sleeve hoodie will be useful as a cover-up. But if you’re bold enough to let everything roll off your back, you might as well wear thet-shirt version.

“Whiskey Business” Printed Shirt

Whiskey Business T-Shirt

Planning a night of drinking? That’s whiskey business (get it?).

Keep it classy by celebrating the special occasion in a fancy bar, sipping a glass ofwhiskey on the rocks. Shake things up a little by going for other options likebourbon andwhiskey cola.

“Drink Like A Champion” Crew Neck Graphic Tees

Drink Like A Champion Today T-Shirt

Whether you drink like it’s the end of the world or you’re a laid-back consumer, be a sport anddrink like a champ! Translation: Don’t be a bachelor party killjoy. If you need any reminders, perhaps wearing this dark, heather gray shirt will do the trick.

Going out with the guys doesn’t mean you have to be the life of the party, but don’t be a party pooper either. Just remember to drink responsibly (for the groom’s sake), whether you orderchampagne,vodka,mimosa, orrum and cola!

“Buy Me A Shot. I’m Tying The Knot”: The Party Shirt for the Groom Who’s Proud to Get Married

Buy Me A Shot I'm Tying The Knot T-Shirt

Men can get free drinks, too, especially when they’re about to get hitched! Have your guest of honor wear this t-shirt when you go bar crawling to let everyone know he’s ready to tie the knot.

It’s always a special moment when a couple in love decides to take the next step. That’s why a wedding calls for celebration.Yet, as you may know, wedding planning can be stressful. Show some love for the groom by throwing him a bachelor party he won’t forget—including buying him a shot!

“Dranks” Party Shirts

Dranks T-Shirt

Celebrating your best buddy getting married is a great time to raise your glass to freedom (something he might never see again… Just kidding!). But before thebeer andtequila flow, don’t forget to assign a designated driver first.

“Surprise, I’m Drunk” T-Shirt for Funny Drunken Moments

Surprise I'm Drunk T-Shirt

This statement shirt is perfect for your friends who are lightweight drinkers. One round of a good ol’ drinking game or an intense beer pong tournament will reveal who can’t hold their liquor. Hopefully, you’ll be able to remember all the funny drunk moments from the party!

If you’re a lightweight drinker, this reminds you not toget obnoxiously drunk. It’s not fun for anyone, especially the groom, to babysit drunken companions. Plus, it will save you from doing something you might regret later.

“Most Likely To Go Home Early” Shirt

Most Likely To Leave Early T-Shirt

An appropriate shirt for the married men, lest they forget the curfew time set by their wives and take advantage of their freedom.

The thing with bachelor parties is that they can end late. Like, wee-hours-of-the-morning late. So if you can’t stay out that long, you better sport this shirt to let your buddies know.

“Wildcard” Tee

Wildcard T-Shirt

The bachelor party shirt for the daredevil groomsman who's super fun but also unpredictable. As the life of the party, this groomsman is also the perfect hype man for the groom!

“Wingman” T-Shirt

Wingman T-Shirt

Celebrating the groom doesn’t mean the single guys can’t find their match. Let great conversations and fun times roll with a little push from your wingman.

Get Your Bachelor Party Shirt and Bring Home the Fun

Your memories of the awesome bachelor party may fail you (especially after a night of drinking). However, you can still take home a memory of the celebration with ourBachelor Party Shirts collection. These wickedly awesome and funny graphic tees are made with ultra-soft fabric, so you know they’ll be well worth the price.

Shop the featured graphic tees fromFamous In Real Life and check out our other collections for more options. When you receive your order, don’t forget to tag us ‘cause we love seeing you wear them!


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