10 Whiskey Shirts for International Whiskey Day

March 07, 2023

Whiskey Neat T-Shirt

Whiskey is one of the most popular beverages in the world, dating back hundreds of years, with its rich tradition, endless varieties, blends, aromas, flavors, and now…whiskey tees!

But before we get into that, did you know there was anInternational Whiskey Day?

Yeah, mate, there’s actually a day to glorify whiskeys, read on to learn more.

History of International Whiskey Day

As one of the most well-known distilled spirits produced worldwide, whiskey has a long and illustrious history.

The term “whiskey” originates from the Gaelic, where it was initially referred to as “Uisce na Beatha,” which translates to “The Water of Life.”

After a while, the name was shortened to Uisce, which means “Water,” and the pronunciation went from Ish-Key to whiskey throughout that same period. Since then, things have remained the same.

Let’s travel through time…

The History Behind International Whiskey Day


Since the history of whiskey is inextricably linked to the account of International Whiskey Day, let's begin with its history.

The distillation process, known as Babylon, is responsible for producing whiskey. Babylon is a physical and chemical process. Whiskey production begins with creating a “mash,” a mixture of grain and water heated very slowly to bake bread from starch and convert it into sugars.

The type of whiskey that is  produced using this process is called wort. It is just the first step on an incredible journey of beverages. For instance, the mash used to make bourbon must contain at least 51% corn, but to be classified as corn whiskey, the percentage must be at least 81%.

A man named Michael Jackson.

March 27, 1942. The beginning of records documenting the annual celebration of International Whiskey Day was in 2008.

The day now celebrated worldwide as International Whiskey Day, was conceived in 2009 at the Whiskey Festival in Northern Netherlands.

The late Michael Jackson, an esteemed whiskey writer, was honored by creating the holiday now known as International Whiskey Day (birth March 27, 1942).

Michael Jackson is a well-known author and journalist from England who has penned several books on beer and whiskey.

His knowledge of malt whiskey and beer, in which he specialized, earned him great respect.

How to Celebrate the International Day of Whiskey

Drinking your preferred type of whiskey is a simple way to observe this holiday, so that's what you should do.

Even better, get together with friends and taste some of their favorite wines and newer vintages.

Even better (better) is celebrating by wearing whiskey shirts (finally, the moment has arrived!).

Now that you know the history, why not glorify the day in whiskey shirts? Awesome graphic tees that you and your friends can wear!

10 Whiskey Shirts for International Whiskey Day

1. You get sloppy drunk; I stay whiskey neat.

Whiskey - Neat T-Shirt

Thisneat whiskey t-shirt is a humorous way to express that while some people like mixers or dilution, others prefer to enjoy their whiskey neat.

It also suggests that you prefer whiskey's more complex and nuanced flavors and are generally just a "solitary" beverage drinker. Classy, we know!

2. Bad news: My relationship with whiskey is on the rocks.

Whiskey Business T-Shirt

Thiswhiskey business t-shirt is a clever play on words that suggests a rocky relationship with whiskey.

The phrase “on the rocks” is a common term used to refer to whiskey served with ice, but in this context, it takes on a secondary meaning of a troubled or uncertain situation.

We all have a love-hate relationship, whether with whiskey or something (or someone) else.

3. Drink whiskey and be nice. The two rules I live by.

Drink Whiskey And Be Nice T-Shirt

One of the most direct whiskey graphic tees. A simple expression of two rules that the wearer lives by:drinking whiskey and being nice.

These two principles are a central philosophy and may be key components of your identity through whiskey. We respect that. We got you covered!

4. Whiskey may not be the answer, but it's worth a shot.

Whiskey May Not Be The Answer, but It's Worth a Shot T-Shirt

Life problems? Solve them withit’s worth a shot of whiskey tee.

On March 27, 2023, you should assume that whiskey plays an important part in your life. And acknowledge the fact that maybe it is the best solution to a problematic situation.

P.S. It's only a shot! Responsibility first.

5. Whiskey: The breakfast of champions!

Whiskey: The Breakfast of Champions T-Shirt

One of the most searched-forwhiskey t-shirts in the world (we hope so!) and one of the innumerous graphics tees that represent a true whiskey lover.

We only have five words for you, “Good morning, sunshine. Cheers, mate!”

6. My blood type is whiskey!

My Blood Type is Whiskey T-Shirt

If it were any other day, we would say you may have a little problem with your veins. But, because it’s International Whiskey Day, we think you can be called “Whiskeyman.”

What do you think about thiswhiskey look? (Sorry to unveil your secret identity.).

7. Happiness is whiskey.

Happiness Is Whiskey T-Shirt

We bet the Whiskey fans would love to wear thishappy whiskey shirt every day (and we agree, of course), but we don’t know if your life partner would be so cheerful.

But like we said, “Whiskey may not be the answer, but it's worth a shot!”.

8. Chase your dreams with whiskey!

Chase Your Dreams with Whiskey T-Shirt

“Champ! Congrats. Finally, you did it. Our pep talk turned out to be the game changer.”

If anybody says this to you on the 27th, you know why. But, wear it with pride. Awhiskey dream t-shirt? Why not?

9. It's not hoarding if it's whiskey.

It's Not Hoarding If It's Whiskey T-Shirt

Say it out loud! You deserve a private collection, don’t listen to other people. Thishoarding whiskey t-shirt, it’s a way to claim your birthright.

P.S. You know that you have to be responsible, okay?

10. Whiskey you a Merry Christmas.

Whiskey You A Merry Christmas T-Shirt

A top-list finish… Whiskey and Christmas? Say no more. Here is your specialChristmas tee.

Have a good Christmas (slurp), and a happy new year (slurp slurp).

Ready for the Next International Whiskey Day?

Before we end this comprehensive shopping guide, we have a special checklist to share with you. So, shall it be written…

International Whiskey Day checklist:

  • Selection: Refine your research and choose a good Irish whiskey to enjoy.
  • Whiskey shirts: Color, size, women, men…there's a t-shirt for everyone.
  • Complement your style: Maybe you could check out ourwhiskey mug section.
  • Reunite a group of friends: Make a nice dinner with food and special ingredients.
  • Work advice: Take the day off.

The best way to celebrate International Whiskey Day is to drink moderately in great clothing. While you're at it, make sure that everybody gets home safely.

P.S.Check out our blog for more cool merchandise!


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