10 Hanukkah Celebration Ideas for Adults

November 29, 2022

10 Hanukkah Celebration Ideas for Adults

Who doesn't want to find the best ideas to make theirHanukkah party for adults lit?

Whether you're inviting Jews or non-Jews to your Hanukkah party, chances are you want this celebration to be memorable for everyone. Keeping the same practices and rituals from two centuries ago won't help you. These 10 Hanukkah ideas will make your party go out with a bang… and without breaking the bank.

Hanukkah Meaning


Before we dive in, it's essential to understand why this Hanukkah tradition “rocks.”

The story dates back to 200 B.C. when Jews fought back after the Greco-Seleucid king banned the Jewish faith and ordered the worship of Greek gods. Hanukkah is still celebrated to remind us that fighting for what you believe in and against oppression is worth it.

How Long Is Hanukkah?

Hanukkah lasts for eight nights to commemorate how long the holy light burned. Although there was only enough olive oil to keep the menorah on the altar burning for one night, the menorah miraculously burned for eight days.

A Hanukkah menorah is a candelabra with nine candles: four on each side and one in the center. The center candle, known as the Shamash, sits higher than the others. Three blessings are recited on the first night, and aHanukkah prayer twice for the next seven nights, whereby someonelights candle each night of the holiday.

When Is Hanukkah?

Hanukkah falls each year on the Hebrew calendar date of 25 Kislev, which generally falls in December in the Gregorian calendar.

Now, get ready to throw the best party for adults ever.

Hanukkah Ideas: Make the Party Shine With Hanukkah Decorations

Hanukkah Decorations

Every good celebration starts with fun decorations, and this should be no exception.

There are tons of decor and Hanukkah gift ideas online. You can find everything from inflatable dreidels, Hanukkah gnomes, table signs, plates, andcups.

Let your creativity run wild!

Hanukkah Ideas: Have a Very Unorthodox Potluck 


 No one can deny that one of the best things about this Jewish Holiday is the fried food, and whoever is invited to your party should know that there is no real festival of lights without oily goodies. Potato latkes always go down well...

Nevertheless, no Torah rule or your grandmother's traditional Hanukkah recipes forbid you or your guest to try out the next idea: organizing a creative potluck.

On your Hanukkah invitation, inform each guest what to bring for the potluck and let them know they need to be creative with their cooking. At the party, select the judges, and don't forget toreward whoever brings the most innovative and “out-of-the-box” Hanukkah food.

A Cannabis-Infused Babka That Will Make You Fly High

Hanukkah Babka

There's always room for dessert, and after the fantastic and creative Hanukkah potluck you've just tasted, eating a Hanukkah cookie and a babka is undoubtedly the perfect ending to a fabulous meal.

Surprise your guests by offering them a babka spiced with a magical green herb. Remember to tell everyone at the party about thespecial ingredient with a sweet green twist.

Getting Manishwasted 

Hanukkah T-Shirt

Sweet, Jewish, and budget-friendly are just a few words to describe the magicalManischewitz kosher wine.

It's hard to think of a Hanukkah tradition without some kosher wine, but let's face it, as iconic as Manischewitz wine is, not everyone is necessarily its biggest fan.

Another Hanukkah celebration idea to take your party to the next level and surprise the pickiest drinker, offer your guest some Manischewitz cocktails. You can try creating your own, or play it safe and look up how to make Sangría or Manischewitz Spitzers that will get everyonemanishwasted!

Celebrate Hanukkah With Gelt Sport Betting

Hanukkah T-Shirt

Perhaps you and your guest left childhood behind a few Hanukkahs ago, but you can still enjoy the sweetness ofchocolate gelt like when you were kids. 

Instead of just handing out chocolate coins to your guests, think about hosting contests or sports games and using the gelt to place bets (like the Germans did). At the end of the evening, whoever has the most gelt in their pocket can exchange it for aHanukkah gift

Dreidel Drinking Game 

Hanukkah T-Shirt

It is time for you to dust off your old dreidel and show everyonehow you roll.

With just a regular dreidel, acool empty cup, and your favorite drink, you can put a twist on the traditional dreidel game and play it until one of your friends wants to convert.

The idea behind this Hanukkah drinking game is that each player gets a drink and spins the dreidel. Depending on what Hebrew symbol you get, is what you would do next:

Nun-you, do not drink.

Shin-Pur some of the drink into the empty cup.

Hey-Drink half from the cup.

Gimel-Drink everything and start again.

Ugly Hanukkah Sweaters

Hanukkah Ugly Sweater

 Ugly sweaters are everyone's guilty pleasure, and Hanukkah is another perfect excuse to try them out.

 Whether you make ugly sweaters an official etiquette, use them for gift ideas, or as part of your Hanukkah games, there's no way you can go wrong with them. An ugly sweater contest is a fantastic Hanukkah idea because it is guaranteed fun.

Dress Up as Your Favorite Jewish Celebrity

If you want to take your party to another level, ask your guests to come as famous Jewish characters.

Seeing your friends and family as their favorite characters will steal several laughs and is the perfect excuse to take tons of photos that will help you remember this greatHanukkah party for adults forever.


Hanukkah Piñata

Piñatas may be typical for other celebrations, but that doesn't mean it's not great for Hanukkah. Piñatas are perfect for adult parties because bashing something is fun and relieves stress.

You can customize your piñata as a dreidel or gelt and fill it with delicious Jewish candy, a few dollars, some uncommon goods, or whatever you want.

No doubt, having a piñata will make your party legendary.

Swing to the Rhythm of Hanukkah

Every good party ends with all your guests dancing the night away. Don't worry too much about the music. Put on a party playlist and leave room for the dance floor, so everyone can show off their best Hanukkah dance moves.

No matter what ideas you put into practice, we wish you a happy Hanukkah and LATKE fun!


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