10 Funny Coffee Shirts for Coffee Lovers

September 07, 2023

More Expresso Less Depresso T-Shirts

Coffee addicts — your time has come to show your passion with our custom coffee t shirts

Are you a hardcore coffee lover who can’t start your day without first firing up the coffee machine? Do you deliberately swing by your favorite coffee shop on your way to work (and back again?) Is the smell of freshly ground coffee beans part of your reason to get out of bed in the morning? And before you start thinking you may be a coffee addict, just know this: you’re not alone. The world is full of coffee lovers relishing the sheer delight after their first sip of coffee. Maybe your coffee habit has earned you a bit of a reputation with your friends. Well, if you’ve got a decent sense of humor, you’ll probably be able to take a joke. And if you’re not a coffee fiend, you’ve probably got someone close by who takes the art of brewing coffee to a whole other level. With all the craziness of our day-to-day lives, a seemingly ordinary thing like a hot cup of coffee can make the world seem like a different place. It’s life’s simple pleasures that make a big difference, so If you’ve got a great sense of humor — make sure you keep reading! We are happy to share with you our exclusive lineup of ten funny coffee t shirts for coffee lovers all over. Our collection of unisex t shirts is perfect for those coffee fanatics who may take things a bit far, or for those that appreciate a good coffee and a hilarious piece of clothing. Blending humor and style, these tees make the perfect gift and coffee-fueled addition to your wardrobe. All we can say is, that coffee addicts and coffee shirts go together like... well, coffee addicts and coffee shirts. What can we say? Coffee makes the world a nicer place!

1. Love coffee? Make a statement

Coffee T-Shirt

This coffee shirt does exactly what it says on the tin. Sold in 4 colors, this t shirt allows you to get your message out there while at the same time being wearable for any occasion. If you’re on your way out to your favorite coffee shop or spreading the message for all to see, this t shirt will definitely add a dash of humor to your day. Upgrade your wardrobe with this perfect additionnow.

2. Pot Head Alert

Pot Head T-Shirt

No, not that type of pot head! Are you a morning person? Chances are you live for the moment when you can fire up the coffee machine and get your first espresso of the day. Get out the filtered water, grind those beans, sip from your first cup, and “espresso patronum” your morning is instantly off to a good start! Check it outhere.

3. More Espresso Less Depresso

More Expresso Less Depresso T-Shirt

Any certified coffee lover needs this coffee t shirt in their wardrobe. It’s not just any old piece of clothing. It’s a badge of honor that unapologetically demonstrates to the world your devotion to the craft behind that perfect cup of coffee. Share your caffeine-fueled humor with this coffee shirt — perfect for a night in with friends, a trip to the movie theater, or maybe even swinging around to your favorite coffee shop for a quick catch-up with your fellow coffee enthusiasts. Just like coffee, life’s too short for bland clothing. Add a splash of flavor to your life with our coffee-themedcollection.

4. Stay Woke

Stay Woke Coffee T-Shirt

Every morning can be a real challenge without a good coffee. Stay woke or go broke? Humor’s the way! We think this shirt would be the perfect gift for that person in your life who isn’t exactly a model “morning person,” or who doesn’t function fully until after their morning espresso. Available in heather red, military green, and team purple, plus more — get yoursnow!

5. Coffee Lover?

Closer's Coffee T-Shirt

There’s only one place you can get your caffeine fix — from your favoritecoffee roaster.

Grab your favorite coffee shirt, brew a fresh cup of joe, and let the world know that you’re proudly caffeinated and ready to take on the day. If you appreciate the finer details of coffee, this t shirt shows the world you’re not only a fan of the coffee-making process but a connoisseur.

Embrace your caffeine obsession and order your coffeet shirts today.

6. Drink Coffee and Be Nice

Drink Coffee and Be Nice T-Shirt

We all know the importance of offering each other a hand, reaching out to friends and families, and chatting with colleagues about challenging assignments ahead. The uniting factor? A delicious cup of coffee. Get your daily kindness reminder with this great coffee shirt — we guarantee it’ll be your cup of tea!

7. Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble

Basic Witch T-Shirt

Grind up the beans, fire up the machine, pour the filtered water, and wait for your potion to come to a boil. Release your inner coffee witch and turn to the dark side with this hilarious coffee t-shirt. This is not just any old t shirt! Halloween has come early and you’re ready to reveal your secret incantation behind the perfect brew. Summon the bewitching powers of caffeine today with your very own coffeet shirt.

8. Death Before Decaf


Death Before Decaf T-Shirt


Talking of turning to the dark side, you would never turn your back on your beloved coffee. Decaf? Get outta here! A life without your morning espresso and your daily caffeine fix is simply unimaginable. This t shirt sums it up perfectly, proudly declaring your undying loyalty to the caffeinated side of life. What are you waiting for? Get yourt shirt today and show the world your coffee pride!

9. Happiness Is Coffee

Happiness is Coffee T-Shirt

This isn’t just a t shirt; it’s a declaration of your passion for coffee. A simple yet powerful message never fails to resonate and you've got a message to deliver to the world!

Proudly share your love with the world and brighten up your fellow coffee lover’s day withthis awesome statement of love!

10. Decaf Is for Losers

Decaf is for Losers T-Shirt

We’ve said it once, and we'll say it again: caffeine is love, caffeine is life. For those coffee lovers out there, going cold turkey is just not an option. Share yourmessage with the perfect shirt and teach those losers to get a bit of caffeine flowing in their veins — they just might like it!

So there you have it – 10 Funny Coffee Shirts for Coffee Lovers. The world of coffee is as rich as the beans that go into our favorite morning espressos. The fragrances, the craft, the sheer art of it all! The community of coffee lovers is much more than a few coffee fanatics: it’s a whole world ready to express their passion for the most sacred of daily rituals, all on the hunt for the perfect cup of coffee. Armed with your very own funny coffee t shirts, you can display your love for rocket fuel and share that joy with all those around you! Explore our collection today and select the design that best showcases your sense of humor. Choose from our range of colors and customize your coffee t shirt to suit you. What are you waiting for? Brighten up your wardrobe with one of our hilariouscoffee t shirts.


Coffee T-Shirt

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