10 Dad Hats for Happy Hour

January 31, 2023

Red Party Cup Dad Hat

No matter what time it is, according to the various clocks in the area, it is always 6 o'clock somewhere. In other words, happy hour time.

This popular tradition crosses many countries and is often seen as a way for people to unwind after a long day at work. It's also an excellent opportunity to socialize with friends and colleagues and to try new drinks and food.

And talking about friends, colleagues, drinks, and food, we bet there's always a fun way to mark these occasions. With some unique address, dad hats, for example?

Yes, dads, we are talking to you. You, who love happy hour and don't miss an opportunity to shine! Check our dad hats for MEN!

(Even though they won't necessarily cause a drink to materialize in your hand, they will assist you in getting the party started regardless of where you happen to be.).

10 Dad Hats to Shine in During Happy Hour

1.  “It's the f*!%in' Catalina Wine Mixer dad hat.”

Catalina Wine Mixer

TheCatalina Wine Mixer is a fictional event popularized by the 2008 comedy film Step Brothers.

This event has since become a cult classic. It has been referenced in various forms of media, including T.V. shows and music.

It is typically used as a reference to an exclusive, upscale event and has become a popular internet meme. People usually use the phrase to reference a fancy event or a luxurious party.

So, dad, when's your next luxurious happy hour? Cause it sounds like these vintage dad hats are waiting...

2.  “I bring the tequila bottle dad hat. You'll bring the party.”

Tequila Bottle Dad Hat

Hey, the tequila hour has arrived! With thistequila bottle dad hat, you can keep everyone's spirits and the party going all night long.

It is available in black and white colors and is ideal for wearing to brunch or a round of margaritas with the office.

Simply putting it on sends the message, "Hello, everyone. I am the life of the party!" Now, please pour me some tequila!"

When you wear this hat, we guarantee that your life will be 99% more enjoyable than it would have been otherwise.

3.  “Hold my beer mug (dad hat).”

 Beer Mug Dad Hat

Thesebeer mug hats are often worn by people who enjoy beer and want to show off their love for it casually and comfortably.

They can also be a great way to add some humor and personality to an outfit and be worn to events such as… happy hour?

It's important to note that these dad caps are not meant to be used as a drinking vessel. So, calm down, dad!

4.  “It’s showtime! (With my TGIF dad hat on).”

TGIF Dad Hat

"TGIF" - Thank God It's Friday! We know the feeling.

TheTGIF dad hats complement your Fridays and show excitement and anticipation for the weekend. They are designed to express a casual and fun attitude and be a great way to add some personality to an outfit.

They can also be worn at parties or events, such as a happy hour or casual gatherings with friends.

Coincidence? We don't think so!

5.  “I take my problems with a grain of salt, a slice of lime… and a tequila shot dad hat.”

Tequila Shot Dad Hat

Is there a hint of waning light in the evening? Is thetequila shot dad hat on?

It will serve as a constant reminder to everyone else that shots are precisely what is needed to get the party going once more.

When you put on this hat, we can't guarantee that you'll start making wise choices, but we can guarantee that it'll set the stage for some memorable experiences.

6.  “I drink & I know things dad hat.By unknown dad.

I Drink And I Know Things T-Shirt

Any dads a fan? This “I drink & I know things dad hat” is for you!

This is a famous quote from Game of Thrones, spoken by the character Tyrion Lannister, known for his love of alcohol and clever wit.

This hat may be a way to express your appreciation for the show, and the character on a GOT thematic happy hour.

On the other hand, it's loved by dads who enjoy the party (responsibly, of course) and want to show their best side.

It's you, dad, we know!

7.  “Let's go drink with my “I have mixed drinks about feelings ", dad hat.”

I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings

 I have mixed drinks about feelings dad hats” are perfect for happy hour.

This phrase is a famous quote, and a reference to someone trying to numb their feelings with alcohol is often used in a humorous and light-hearted way.

Dad, we got your back. Wear this hat on the next happy hour, and your feelings may blossom like a cherry field!

8.  “I have this beer can dad hat. Can I have more beer, please?”

Beer Can Dad Hat

Two colors for thebeer can dad hat are black and navy blue.

Beer can hour is a sacred office tradition on your team, right?

On Fridays, you and your colleagues raid the refrigerator searching for what has gathered over the past week. (Exactly, we know your secret! But will keep it).

When you wear one of these fashionable yet low-key hats, beer can hour can be whenever you want it to be for you, even in the middle of the night.

9.  “With my red party cup dad hat, my life always feels like a party.”

Red Party Cup Dad Hat


By definition, thered party cup dad hats are frequently worn by dads who enjoy parties, drinking, and having a good time. Plus, by dads who want to show off their love for the party lifestyle cleverly and humorously.

So, dad, are you capable of doing some crazy things? Now, with so many dad hats, you can do everything!

Be an adjustable dad. Level your style on your next happy hour!

10. “One more never hurt anybody... (let me put my shot glass dad hat on!).”

Shot Glass Dad Hat

Finally, the defiler, the nemesis, the chosen one, the almighty dad cap for happy hour: theshot glass dad hat!

You choose! “Can I have just…one more?”

Funny Dad Hats? Happy Hour? Count on Us!

We know after these suggestions, the level is high for your next happy hour. But don't be afraid to show your best style!

Psst,check out our blog. You'll find other inspirations for your next party. And for the cool dad you are, we have another secret, more special clothing, don't tell, nobody…

P.S. Have fun and remember… With great drinking comes great responsibility.

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