10 Best US Cities for a Bachelorette Party in 2023

March 28, 2023

10 Best US Cities for a Bachelorette Party in 2023

Hey there, bride-to-be! It’s time to say goodbye to your single days. Time to get all the naughtiness out of your system before you walk down that aisle. In other news, it’s time for the bachelorette party you’ve been looking forward to. Cheers to that! So, where do you want to turn up?

If you’re a bridesmaid or even the maid of honor, and you’re trying to plan your girl's most epic bachelorette party, we see you and raise a glass to you.

But coming up with a perfect bachelorette party idea can be difficult, especially choosing a destination. Don’t worry, though; you know we got your back, any time, any day, including the eve of your big day.

Forget about anything you may have heard before. We have curated a rad list of the best bachelorette party destinations from which you can choose for this rite of passage. Let’s jam our heads together; gather all your favorite bachelorette party ideas and rustle something unforgettable.

To put the ‘gras’ in congratulations, we’ll not only provide you with a list of the best and uniquebachelorette party cities, but we’ll also brainstorm activities you can add to your To-do before you say “I do.”

Best Bachelorette Party Destinations to Choose From

1. Las Vegas

Surprise I'm Drunk T-Shirt

Las Vegas has a reputation as the place to go for all things bachelorette parties. While we don’t exactly pander to the saying that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” we agree that the city is rich in vibes. As you may already know, it’s one of the popular bachelorette party destinations. At least, that’s what the movies suggest.

Vegas is a recipe for exciting disaster (not too chaotic, we hope). Grab yourSurprise I’m Drunk tees and get the party bus. You and your bachelorette group are in for a fun weekend! Y’all can go bar hopping or have a pool party in any of the exotic hotels in Las Vegas. Here’s a special tee for you - I regret nothing. Just make sure you don’t do anything you’d regret while at this perfect bachelorette party option.

2. Miami

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Take it to the sunshine state of Florida if you’re looking for a popular bachelorette party destination that’s a little tamer than Vegas. Miami has pristine climate conditions all year round. You and your girls can include plenty of activities in your bachelorette getaway.  Is anyone thinking of seeing Disney World? Maybe not.

Now, you can capitalize on the two popular things Miami is known for: its beautiful beaches and nightlife. Head to South Beach for some Champagne in your matching Fine Like Wine tees.

Do a poll and vote for the person who’sMost Likely To Leave Early. Then drag them to doWhiskey shots at a rooftop bar. After that, y’all can head over to the caravan and spend the night by the seaside.

Remember to stay cautious. If anyone is planning to swim up hard at the beach, they’d better skip the drinks or go swimming before the party.

3. New York

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You didn’t think we’d exclude the Big Apple now, did you? New York is probably one of the snazziest destinations for a bachelorette party. Gotham City has you covered if you want something classy, refined, and elite—bachelorette groups troop in week after week, month after month, to enjoy the city.

There are many activities to add to your to-do in New York, starting with wine tasting. Ooohhh. Very bourgeois, right? Now, it doesn’t have to be boring. Get ourWinosaur tank tops to add a bit of that New York hippiness. By the way, do you prefer red wine or white wine?

A unique bachelorette party idea is to rent a private karaoke room and sing your jolly hearts out with a glass of something sparkly or bubbly.Sip, Sip, hooray, darlings!

4. San Diego

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What’s San Diego known for? Sunny weather, exciting nightlife, and good, no great food! Yeah. This destination is for that bride-to-be who loves good food and restaurant hopping. So, your itinerary can include stops at restaurants and cafés that serve fresh seafood or Italian dishes you haven’t had in a while. But keep in mind that most of the restaurants dotting the city are Mexican. So, tacos, anyone?

The summer months are the best times to visit San Diego because the weather is perfect. You and your bachelorette group can take fun photos and enjoy girls' nights in affordable suites. Go,Team Bride! That’s available as a tee, sweater, or tank top, by the way.

5. Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is one of the well-known cities for bachelorette parties. It’s another remarkable place with azure beaches, lots of sun, and a bustling nightlife. You can consider throwing a bridal party here for that bride who’s theWife of the Party. Sorry… we meant the life of the party.

From luxury designer stores to relaxation centers like spas and resorts, Los Angeles has everything you need to throw an unforgettable bachelorette. So, get the party bus, pack bathing suits, andLet's Go, Girls! Extra points because the bride can shop for honeymoon pieces. Who knows? You can even have some Hollywood celebrity sightings. After all, artists, designers, musicians, and our favorite actors are scattered all over Los Angeles.

6. Nashville

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We bet you already thought of Nashville while curating your list of bachelorette party cities to consider. Nashville is a top contender with a rich culture in art, music, food, and thrilling nightlife.

The many artsy corners that dot the city provide the ultimate photo-op. Aside from that, the music is intoxicating and carries a lot of history. The food? It’s everything and more! From barbecues to local dishes, the food lover would adore visiting Nashville. Even better if thebride loves all things country.

Don’t make the mistake of underrating this destination. You’d be surprised at how fun and fulfilling the place can be.

7. Chicago

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If you think Los Angeles and Nashville are gems, wait ‘till you visit Chicago. It has everything! The warmth and happiness in the air are almost palpable. The sights and attractions are too numerous to exhaust. Any bride who is outdoorsy or loves sightseeing would remember her bachelorette forever - if she has it in Chicago.

Is it art? The food? The rooftop bars? Here’s a tip, get on a boat, a yacht, or a mini cruise. The best way to enjoy Chicago is to sail through it. Apart from boating, you can have a paint party, some fine dining, and a fantastic, fun weekend. While at it, we have this cuteBuy me a Shot, I’m Tying the Knot tee.

8. New Orleans

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If your classy bachelorette party ideas do not include New Orleans, then you might need a crash course on the history and culture of New Orleans. Think karaoke, jazz clubs, fine wining and dining, the entire works.

New Orleans is famous for Mardi Gras and big carnivals. It has a history of partying and living life to the fullest. So, whether the bride is aWildcard or a shy bird, New Orleans is a fantastic choice for her bachelorette party. There are so many culinary delights to be tried, not to mention an abundance of bars. Order aGin & Tonic on the house.

9. Santa Barbara

I Do Crew

Looking for a quiet destination? Santa Barbara is your go-to bachelorette party city. It’s serene but also has its charms. There’s good food, luxury spas, resorts, and calm waters for a cruise.

Not everyone wants a loud and adrenaline-pumped bachelorette party. Santa Barbara offers easygoing, smooth activities for the reserved bride and herI do Crew. That’s on a tee, by the way.

You can play golf, go wine tasting and shopping, get some spa time, and enjoy the simple pleasures of great cuisine.

10. South Carolina

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Charleston, South Carolina, is another sweet spot popularly used as a bachelorette party destination. Its lush white sand beaches and tasty culinary offerings are treasures any bride would appreciate. In fact, Charleston is more famous for its food than any other thing. Therefore, it’s a good place to go bar and restaurant-hopping for fine dining. The city also has an active and thrilling nightlife. There are numerous rooftop bars for you and your crew to getBad & Boozy. You can bet that the music is great, and the city is welcoming.

Imagine having a slumber party on the white sand beaches, telling stories, playing games, and just bonding. You can choose to stay in the French Quarter, which is centrally located. This way, you’ll have easy access to every little corner and high ground in the city.

Every bride deserves her wild night, her last hurrah, her final escapade, whatever that means to you. But while at it, remember to be well-rested for your big day. Nobody wants to be the stressed-out bride that went all out for her bachelorette party but is too tired to dance on her big day.

These are the absolute best cities for bachelorette parties in the US. No matter how loud and bubbly you are or how reserved and shy, there’s something for you. We don’t want you to tie the knot without going through this rite of passage, anyway, not on our watch.

To spice things up, we have numerous tees, sweaters, hoodies, and tank tops for you, the bride or theMaid of Dishonor, sorry… honor … and the entire group. Our apparel is made from high-quality fabric. They’re soft and comfortable. We are genuinely excited for you. Bring us back some cake and tag us in the wedding pictures. Cheers!


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