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St. Patrick’s Day Women's T-Shirts and Apparel

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! Not to be confused with St. Patty’s day, which doesn’t actually exist. And if you’re celebrating Día de San Patricio, then I assume you’ll be needing this too.

Whether you’re hitting a pub crawl, dressing up fancy for the parade, or simply filling in some St Patrick’s Day coloring pages, we have shirts for everyone.

If you’re an early riser on such a big day, you know that food is important. Might I suggest a well balanced breakfast followed by a good workout before participating in the day’s shenanigans.

Maybe you have a background in history and want to show off all the facts you know about the snakes in Ireland and what Saint Patrick said to them. Maybe you’re a genius that speaks Gaelic, too. Or maybe you’re just be a giant leprechaun that only showed up for one reason.

Perhaps you’re lucky enough to find the end of the rainbow on St Patrick’s Day, in which case you only have one option. Just make sure you dress appropriately before doing so, or else your pick-up lines probably won’t work.

At this point, I believe drinking is considered an Irish tradition. So have a pint or 12, and when you get to the point of no return, send out that risky text you’ve always wanted to send. If you get rejected, you can always go home and relax.

P.S- If you see my leprechaun friend, tell him I’m looking for him. He looks like this

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