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LGBTQ Pride Women's T-Shirts and Apparel

Technically, the definition of love is, “an intense feeling of deep affection.” But why complicate things?Love is love, period.

The LGBTQ community wants everyone to know that there would have been nothing wrong with looking in the history books and seeing stories aboutAdam and Steve. And if we had our way, those history books would also emphasize the use of proper pronounsthey them theirs.

We are lucky to live in theUnited States of America, wherelove sees no color and we can proudly parade through the streets decked out in rainbows,unicorns andtie dye.

Love doesn’t have to be the center of just one day, week, or month. Each person whether they are transgender, straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual person has the ability to spread loveto the moon and back, and to that we say:Yaaaaassssss
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