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No offense to all the other countries or anything, but America is hands down the GOAT. You want receipts? Oh, honey -- we've got 'em! Fromtaking our independence from the Brits in 1776 to being theonly country in the world to have freedom of speech, it's not hard to see that the US of YAY reigns supreme.

Plus, we've got the most legit theme parks, giant portions of dope food, and we can get a sweet tattoo of abald eagle rocking a bandana if we choose to. We're the inventors of Tennessee Whiskey, the chocolate chip cookie, and GPS (you're welcome, world).

Plus, not to toot our own horn or anything, but America is one of the few countries where love is love. We can proudly parade through the streets decked out in rainbows, tie-dye, andunicorns smothered and covered in glitter until our hearts are content.

So to that, we say, “Toot, toot!"

Still not convinced America'snumber one? Don't worry; there's a lot of people who are mad jelly. We're the home of the brave, the land of the free -- and that's definitely something to be jealous about.

That said, if you're feelin' a little salty, you can always come toMeowica. In a country whereday drinking is a hobby, women areboss babes, and everyonedances like Russias' not watching, trust us when we say, 'It's lit.'

Here in America, we wave ourcolors around proudly and hold ourflag high. We celebrate the country we love, how far we've come, and continue to fight for what's right.

Of course, we're not perfect by any means - no country is - but we've certainly made major strides to keep our title as one of thefreest countries in the world. And while some people may view us as a bunch of egotistical hillbillies with our britches in a bunch noshing on one too manyhotdogs, we keep calm and sparkle on.

Besides, what's wrong with hotdogs?Tastes like freedom to us!

Want to show yourred, white, and blue pride? Head on over toFamous In Real Life, where you'll find one of the largest inventories of patriotic apparel on the planet. Whether you'retoo cool for British rule, want to getstar-spangled hammered, or plan ondrinkin' like Lincoln, we have an undeniably awesome shirt for every mood.


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