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Believe it or not, the iconic “Here’s Johnny” scene from one of our fav horror movies was voted as the scariest movie moment of all time.

Yup, you read that right:of all time.So, you know what that means, don’t you? The part where the main character, an aspiring writer and recovering alcoholic, goes absolutely berserk trying to chop down the bathroom door with an ax in an attempt to kill his wife?

100% was voted more frightening than any other scene from any other horror film in all of cinematic history.

Scarier than when a teen from a certainslasher film series brings a disfigured man with knives for fingernails (kinky) from her dream into the real world? Yep.

Scarier than the moment when adancing clown literally bites off a helpless kiddos’ arm before dragging him into the sewer? You betcha.

Scarier than the time a bone-chillingserial killer chowed down on a prison guard’s face? Yes.

The terrifying scene where we hear the derangedax-swinging maniac shout, “Here’s Johnny!” is unbeatable when it comes to fear factor - and it’s easy to see why. Jack Nicholson has a superb ability to portray a psychotic father possessed byevil spirits causing him to descend into madness.

Couple that with the intense build-up of fear with every swing of his ax; it’s no wonder that the scene is recognized as the scariest movie moment ever.

Hold Up - Why “Here’s Johnny”?

Wondering why the main character yells, “Here’s Johnny!” when that’s not even his name? Don’t worry, a lot of people do. While most think it’s just totally random and indicates how he’s gone completely mad, the truth is far more interesting.

This line was actually ad-libbed in imitation of announcer Ed McMahon’s famous introduction of Johnny Carson on his super popular late-night talk show. It sounded so crazy and so good that they decided to leave it as it was in the film. Thank the movie gods that he did because now we have awesome t-shirts, like the ones fromFamous In Real Life, to rep the iconic movie moment.

Let’s Vacation Elsewhere

Here atFamous In Real Life, we’re pretty big fans of awesome horror flicks that haunt our dreams but inspire our Halloweens.

That’s why we created a massive inventory of killer (pun totally intended) t-shirts to represent! Whether you’re in the mood to pay homage tospooky twins, are brave enough to get a drink in theGold Room, or prefer to stick with comfy-cozy socks inspired by theOverlook Hotel Carpet, we have what you need to get your horror fix.

Just remember, if you see an ax-swinging psychopath screaming, “Here’s Johnny!” -run.

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