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Halloween & Horror Women's T-Shirts and Apparel

There are few things more lit than Halloween, so don’t ruin it by being an adult wearing a joke of a costume. I’m just creeping it real. No more last minute easy costume ideas or poorly done makeup at the next halloween party. Simply find a shirt in our own little shop of horrors and show up looking like a snack that’s ready to get your Frank on.

Even though you’re not wearing a creepy outfit, you don’t want people to look through you like you’re some kind of ghost either. Make sure you’re well groomed by stopping by Edward’s beauty parlor for a quick haircut. You don’t want to show up smelling like a zombie either, and picking a bar of soap from the Paper Street Soap company would go a long way. And just in case things get extra spooky, rub yourself down with some Buffalo Bill’s rubbing lotion, too. You never know when you might go from loser to lover!

Hopefully the date of your halloween party lands on a Friday, because that would be perfect for our TGIF gear that we got at summer camp in 1980. That was the same year Johnny was running around the Overlook Hotel with an axe, but we won’t discuss that since it wasn’t exactly a shining moment.

Throwing together a bunch of hocus pocus at the nearest “pop up Halloween store" will only end up with you having a resting witch face and passing out candy corn to the children wearing costumes. Instead, have some boos until you can’t feel your face and enjoy a night of horror!

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